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The Ituna Regional Park is proud to be one of the many beautiful Regional Parks in Saskatchewan.


Agreements between the Town of Ituna, Village of Hubbard, RM of Bon Accord and RM of Tullymet were made in 1968 to join the Saskatchewan Regional Park Association and establish a park in Ituna, Saskatchewan. The budget at that time was $35,000 to build the park. The parties involved created a joint act to work together to elect a regional park authority and create a regional park on SE 16 25 11 W2.


The original board members were: 

            Town of Ituna - Roy Smysniuk, John Wendz, Matt Stecyk, Harry Muzyka, Frank Datchko
            Village of Hubbard - Joseph Korchinski 

            RM Tullymet - Bronie Antonishyn 

            RM Bon Accord - Mike Peesker, John Kruzeniski


It is because of a vision of a few many years ago we have a beautiful park for all to enjoy!


2021 Ituna & District Regional Park Board Members

           Town of Ituna - David Renkas, Glen Kozak, Brittany Gent (treasurer), Jennifer Moxham                           (secretary)

           RM Bon Accord - Allan Rokosh, Ed Datchko

           RM Tullymet - Candace Keisig (chairperson), Larry Baber

As with all Regional Parks in Saskatchewan, the money raised during the operating season, from May to August, through support from local people and businesses, donations and grants allows the park to continue operating. Volunteers contribute their time and energy to keep the park running smoothly, organizing events and working at those events .

The Ituna & District Regional Park is a non-profit organization, governed by Board of Directors, comprised of members from the Town of Ituna and local Rural Municipalities of Bon Accord and Tullymet. The Park Board of Directors creates all policies, approves all budgets, and makes all major decisions for the Park.

Campsite Icons
Camping in the Park
Big Wave
Swimming in the Park
Golf Club and Ball
Golfing in the Park
Fireworks 2
Events in the Park
Baseball in the Park
Tree Leaves
Activities in the Park

Park on the Move 2017


Each spring the Saskatchewan Regional Parks Association, comprised of 73 Saskatchewan parks,  gives out 2 awards.  Ituna & District Regional Park is honoured to receive the "Park on the Move” award for 2017, presented to the Regional Park that has shown great improvements over the last few years within its park.

David Renkas, Ituna & District Regional Park Chairman, was in attendance at the 2 day conference on April 7 & 8, 2017 and was presented the award by Saskatchewan MLA Honorable Ken Cheveldayoff-Minister of Parks, Culture, and Sport for the Province of Saskatchewan. The Saskatchewan Regional Parks Association has noticed and recognized the improved cleanliness, increased amenities and overall good job the park has done over the last few years.

Congratulations, Ituna & District Regional Park!

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